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Evolve Accounting & Advice

Professional quality compliance services for your tax and accounting needs. We instil the ‘Hustle Factor’ into the culture of our firm and our team strive to ensure that each of our clients receives a tailored service.
BBC Digital
Located in Maroochydore, BBC Digital has been in business for over 40 years and has all the solutions that can capture and transform data, and then deliver it directly into your business systems right where it’s needed most.

We’re proud to say that we have not only kept up with technology, but are leading the way with awards every year.

Sunshine Coast Council

The Sunshine Coast Council has always been a big supporter of Clippers Basketball and recently has assisted the club with the following grants:

Clippers Basketball is always looking for ways to reduce its carbon footprint and with the help of the Sunshine Coast Council Major Grants we installed solar on our roof in August 2021. This will not only help to reduce our operating costs but help the environment by utilising the abundant sunshine here on the coast.

The new outdoor court is a great addition here at Clippers and is a benefit to not only our basketball members but the boarder community and since its completion in late 2021 has been utilised by numerous groups and people of all ages.

CarCoop simplifies the rent-to-own car market by providing low deposit, packaged solutions offering a 2-year rent-to-own agreement with options to either return, upgrade, or own the car at the end.

In addition to CarCoop’s impressive services we are very proud of the professional people working behind the scenes to ensure that all clients are given the same opportunity to own the car that they need.

Get a second chance with CarCoop, Australia’s Rent—Drive—Buy Specialists.

Sunshine Coast News
Clippers Basketball is excited to team with Sunshine Coast News the regions most popular website for free independent news and sport.
Sign up today to stay up to date with the latest news, sport and weather from around the Sunshine Coast.
Andersen & Ramsey Design House
Adrian Ramsay Design House connects with clients to innovate solutions for them and create homes that make their hearts sing.
Specialising in luxury new homes and renovations, Adrian Ramsay Design House go beyond meeting your expectations… We aim to exceed them!
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