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Refereeing At Clippers Basketball

Referees are a critical part of our sport and Basketball Queensland has begun an initiative to invest in the development and opportunities available to officials across the state. With basketball rarely taking a weekend off there are always plenty of opportunities for referees across the state to improve their game.

If you would like to become a referee please email either of the Referee Coordinator or you can contact Clippers Basketball on 5444 8877

Amanda Wells | Referee Coordinator

Our Referee Development Program provides pathways for referees from officiating their first game of junior basketball through to being a FIBA official at international events. Part of this development is guided by BQ’s referee grading system and courses. Progression from one level to the next is based on your theory knowledge and practical expertise, and the pace of progression will differ for every referee.

For further information regarding referee courses and advancement pathways go to the Basketball Queensland referee