Senior Basketball League

Clippers Basketball hold weeknight competitions at the Clippers Basketball stadium. There is a diverse range of divisions across the week available to allow accessible basketball opportunities to the whole of the Sunshine Coast no matter your skill level.

Seasons run throughout the year with late team nominations accepted if there is room within the current competition and at differing stages of the season.

Divisions for Men and Women are available.

To register your team contact us at


Senior competition works out to $154.88 per term if you take advantage of the early bird discount. There are no individual game fees. The break down is as follows;
Clippers Basketball Club Registration (School Term) – $125.00
Sunshine Coast Basketball (6 month affiliation) – $27.50
Basketball Qld Insurance (12 Months) – $64.52

A $15 early bird registration discount is available to those who pay before the start of round three of the competition.

Enter a Team

Looking to enter a team in to the Clippers Senior Basketball League? It is as simple as grabbing some friends, selecting a team delegate and submitting your team to Once your team has been added to the league, make sure your players are registered and that’s it.

The Team Delegate should collect each players email address ahead of entering the Team so that they can take advantage of the Player Invite system
which will invite each player to register with your Team, simplifying the process for players.

Looking to join the Senior League but can’t
put together a team?

Register your interest by emailing and we will put your name forward to existing teams looking for players.

Your contact details are kept private, team captains request which player they would like to contact and then we will give you the team contacts details, your information is not sent out to anyone.

While Clippers Basketball actively tries to get everyone in a team, there is no assurance that there will be a team available. We encourage players to seek out a team through attending our various competition nights and approaching teams with low numbers.

Register to Play

Get in the game. Pay your registration so you are covered to play with Clippers  Basketball Club.