Coaching at Clippers Basketball

Clippers Basketball has a wide variety of coaching opportunities from junior club through to our senior programs.

Volunteering as a coach is an extremely rewarding experience helping to shape young lives.

Coaching at Clippers Basketball is a vital aspect of our junior development which we rely on a large group of volunteer coaches throughout our club system.

Want to become a coach and be a positive impact for our junior? Contact us today.

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Clippers Basketball is dedicated to improving the coaching ability throughout the association.

Club Coach (Level One) Course
This course is the first step for coaches to gain formal accreditation in the sport of basketball. The information contained within this course is very broad and touches upon all the major elements involved within coaching a team at club and association levels of competition.

Association Coach (Level Two) Course
This course gives greater detail and knowledge about the elements involved in coaching a basketball team at elite levels such as state representative and athlete development. The course focuses on a coach’s personal development and how to continue to gain knowledge about the sport of basketball.

Please contact our office at for information on the next available coaching courses.


Do you want to expand your coaching knowledge? Want to find a new drill to improve your practice plans? Clippers Basketball has various resources available for
you including Basketball Queensland’s coaching app.

The coaching app provides a framework enabling everyone to grow, develop and participate in the sport of basketball providing a platform for all our coaches to be informed, communicate, engaged and be heard.

The app provides many useful drills as well as event information for coaching courses, state trials and state championships.

Find the application on the Apple Store or Google Play.


If you’re interesting in coaching, please contact us at